Selling a HomeAre you considering selling a home? Before you hire a real estate agent, you should consider what we bring to the table first.

“After 11 days we got an offer! Celena helped us get our home ready to sell. Her advice is excellent…”
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More and more Birmingham area people are trusting us to sell their houses quickly and for a great price. With more than a decade of home selling experience, we know exactly what it takes to get job done.

Selling A Home In Birmingham

People sell their homes for all types of reasons including: downsizing, relocation, upgrading or even financial difficulty. Whatever the reason, it’s very important to hire a competent and successful selling agent.

Among other things, they will discuss such things as common mistakes to avoid when selling your house and the best way to get the most money for it.

Celena Miller can make the process of selling a home in the Birmingham market stress-free. As a Seller’s Agent, she will not only help you prepare your home for a quick sale, she will also represent your home to potential buyers in the area.

As a local real estate agency with many years in the industry, we have the insight and experience to list your house or property effectively and for the best price based on recent and true comparables sales.

Real Estate Commission For Selling A Home

So, the first thing that most people want to know is how much a Real Estate Agent will charge to sell their home. Typically, real estate commissions run in the range of 6% for services rendered. While there are many ways to market your home, having the full power of the tools we use is often best. So, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? You bet it is and here’s a few good reasons why:

  • Low Stress- Very few things in life can be as stressful as selling a home. By hiring an experienced sellers agent, you will be guided through all steps needed to sell your home quickly and hassle free.
  • Target Marketing- Listing a house for sale on the Birmingham MLS is easy, but marketing it to the people who are truly interested your specific home takes experience and hard work.
  • Expert Negotiation- You now have a clear understanding of how much money your house can bring on the market. Having a well seasoned real estate selling professional to negotiate the highest price on your behalf is priceless.

Effective representation is the number one reason a house sells, along with location and curbside appeal. When we work with a motivated seller, homes and land sell quickly for less cost.

As your sellers agent, we will list your home in the MLS, conduct an open house and advertise in specific places on line, providing the best exposure possible. We will also represent buyers ourselves and show them your home, increasing the chances of a quick sale. The more people that see your home the better the odds become.

Before you choose a real estate agent to represent you, call us and lets us show you what we can do.

We help people selling a home in Birmingham to do it quickly and for the best possible price.